The Vocal Control System of the Budgerigar

The vocal control system of the budgerigar consists of a set of interconnected vocal control nuclei which link auditory areas of the brain with the basal ganglia and descending vocal motor pathways. Vocal pathways are bilateral and symmetrical in budgerigars, however for simplicity of representation, descending pathways are shown on the left side of the drawing and ascending pathways on the right side.

The parrot vocal system possesses a number of interesting similarities to the songbird system including the existence of a cell group in the arcopallium (formerly the archistriatum)(AAC) which is the source of long projections to the brainstem as well as nuclei in the basal ganglia (MStrm) and thalamus (DMm) which form an accessory or anterior forebrain pathway. There are two important differences between the parrot system and the songbird system -

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